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Florence Parot





Founder of La Bulle de Repos and The Sophrology Academy

My expertise:

Burnout prevention and recovery

Hyperstress and fatigue management

Serenity in everyday life

Bonjour, hello!

Hi, I'm Florence

I went in burnout aged 23 when I was still a student and it changed my life I had to rebuild myself from the ground up.  It was scary and it was difficult.  It took me time to understand where and how to get help and how to be able to still have the buzzy life I wanted while also respecting my own limits.   I then worked for many years in high-performance environments within Strategy Consulting and International Logistics, side by side with truly inspirational leaders; men and women who showed me how to be a top manager while remaining sane, healthy and superbly efficient.  

Then came a time when I realised I wanted something else from life, I needed to truly discover myself and live a life that would be more meaningful for me.  Here I was, back inside for some deep soul searching.   Both times, after the burnout and when building a new life, I was lucky enough to be able to rely on Sophrology, an amazing mind-body technique that is both super simple and fantastically efficient. Both times, it delivered, and I realised that time that it was the moment for me to lead the way for others with this technique.  

Cited as ‘the new mindfulness’,Sophrology is a mind-body technique that uses a unique mixture of breathing and relaxation exercises, body awareness, visualization, gentle movement and meditation. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time and has proven results.

I have been helping people with hyper-stress, burnout, anxiety and sleep issues in France and England for more than 15 years.  I have helped them find a balance, a calmer and more harmonious life, they have found solutions for a better life, they have been able to rebuild themselves and be truly themselves.

Today, I share my experience in several ways:

- The Serenity Haven: an online membership that gives you simple solutions for a more serene, balanced and meaningful life.

- Retreats to rest and renew and learn the deep yet simple tools you need to feel better everyday.

- Trainings: at the School of Sophrology of La Bulle de Repos in central France and at The Sophrology Academy in Kent, England or from other schools in France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and even once in Mexico! I train future sophrologists and those wanting to specialise in burnout and hyperstress management.

La Bulle de Repos is based in my family region, Creuse, Limousin, in central France, far away from the cities, in the middle of a lovely countryside, a space of calm, pure air and rest where you can switch off to better reconnect to yourself.

I created The Sophrology Academy, first sophrology training centre in the UK in 2010, I was President of FEPS (Federation for Sophrology Professional Schools) for 3 years and co-President of ISF (International Sophrology Federation).

My books

Mes Petites Routines – Sophrologie pour se recentrer sur soi (2021 - 2nd edition 2023)

Only in French, a practical programme of sophrology over 4 weeks: exercises, tips and ideas for good balancing habits, a few minutes at a time.

The Sophrology Method (2019), written in English, translated in French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese

Whether you want to improve your energy levels, focus your mind, build emotional resilience, manage stress and anxiety, achieve better sleep, boost your self-confidence or prepare for exams, interviews or public speaking, this book will teach you the tools and strategies you need to fulfil your unique potential. A must-have to understand sophrology.

Instant Serenity for Life and Work (2012)

This book is the very first book of sophrology ever written in English and Florence’s first book. It is a simple introduction to the technique. It presents several easy and practical tools and exercises that can be used straight away in daily life to find serenity in every moment, even if you do not have the time.

(available again soon, contact us for more info)

What is La Bulle de Repos?

La Bulle de Repos means The Bubble of Rest.

People have told me that just hearing the name makes them feel better! I am delighted to hear it but the name is just a start! Wait till you try our programmes!

So yes, I am a bit “bubble-mad”, have you noticed? It all started years ago, when I created a Sophrology exercise with bubbles. Basically, it is about imagining that each time you breathe out, you breathe out dark bubbles. And each time you breathe in, you imagine you are breathing in golden bubbles. A little bit of body spring cleaning, fun-style! It has become my signature exercise.

A bubble is also a place where you can get away from the world for a while and feel safe and in peace and quiet. A space of freedom and rest. In French “to bulle” even means to do nothing and rest.

So I felt this illustrated very well what we are trying to do here: a bit more light, lightness, comfort and peace….

I created La Bulle de Repos in 2017 after many years of work and experience.

Since I started working as a sophrologist, I have worked with many people suffering from burnout, extreme fatigue, hyperstress, suffering deeply one way or the other, people who, like me when I was in burnout, have had to put their lives on hold and in perspective and rebuild themselves from the ground up.

I have helped hundreds of people find more serenity in their lives, build a more balanced, calm and harmonious existence. Whether in hyperstress, burnout or simply looking for solutions to live better, the work we did together helped them move forward, rebuild, find their own receipes for a successful life, a lighter, more peaceful life, with less stress and anxiety. Today, The Serenity Haven allows me to bring this exerptise to a wider audience.

My clients were also asking for a space of calm and disconnect to renew more fully.
The calm and serenity of the Creuse countryside, where my family has its roots, has always been my own source of inspiration and regeneration. It felt natural to try and share this serenity. That’s when I understood that retreats, programmes in particularly calm and revitalising places were a must to rebuild themselves.

I also have a passion for teaching, sharing my experience and expertise so that more Sophrologists around the world can help people with this amazing technique wherever they are. I first created The Sophrology Academy in England so that sophrology could spread in English, which had not happened before, and then opening a school in the Bulle in France was an obvious move. I also train sophrologists on the particular subject of burnout so that this syndrome may better known and fully recognised.

The spirit of La Bulle

The Bulle de Repos is more than a concept, it is a mindset.

Thanks to the work we do together, you put more serenity in your everyday life, create more harmony day after day, embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery, you are yourself more fully.

The values that are dear to our hearts at La Bulle and that we try to promote in every aspect of our work:

Balance - Human potential - Authenticity - Respect of yourself and others - Wisdom

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